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What is Random Bible Verses?
Using a unique Bible scripture generator for websites, we provide fresh FREE Bible content that absolutely anyone can use to enhance their site with the Word of God! The Bible verses are randomly selected from our database containing 1950 of the most used and favourite Bible verses. 

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To get a free customised Bible verse for your site use the completely new  Bible Code Generator

Will it work with all browsers?
The Bible verse service works with both new and old browsers, it has been thoroughly tested to be compliant with Netscape browsers, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Important: Previous versions 
If you are still using the previous version (from before 1/2/2002) of "Random Bible verses" script. Please update it now, as the new version is much faster and does not cause your page to load slower, and if our server is down your page will load normaly.

Bible Verses on a Topic?
If you surfed here through a search engine on a search for Bible verses on a specific topic, try: Bible Scriptures by Subjects.

Colorful Bible Verses Examples ! 
- Blue God's Word
- Green Bible Verses
- Original flavour Bible Verses
- Purle Haze Verse of the Moment
- Hot Mustard Word of God
- Just Black and White God's Word
- A Word from the Word, Pretty and Pink
- Sunny Manna For the Moment

Make your own custom bible verse now with the Bible Code Generator

Why the King James Bible?
The KJV Bible is used in all our English services as it is not copyrighted and it is accepted by many as the best translation to date, it has also been and still is the largest selling translation of the Bible, it is also our favourite Bible. Read more at: KJV Copyright?

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