Would you like the box containing Bible Verses Centered?
The height of the box 100 is a good height
The width of the box 350 is a good width. 
If you want it to be inside a table that stretches with page size type 100%
The Heading Title
Pick a title from the menu, you may modify it in the right input box.
Font Style
Font Sizeanything between 15 & 20 is a nice size


Instructions: Select a color from the color palette below, adjusting it lighter or darker as you require, then click "Use Current Selected Color" next to the attribute you wish to be the selected color.
a) Font color of title text
(Tip: a & c look good the same color)
b) Font color of Bible verses
(tip: b & d look good the same color)
c) Main background color of box
This is the color of the table containing the Bible verses.
d) Border background color
This is the color of the table behind the title.
Or you may pick a preset color combination from here:

Lighter or Darker by an increment of


Cut and Paste Code instructions:
After you have decided on a good combination of colors and settings click "Create Code" so that your custom code appears in the above area, You may also preview it by clicking "Preview", To get the Bible Verses on your web site, simply highlight the code inside the above window with your cursor or by using the button, and copy it (type Control-c or Apple-c) and paste it into the HTML body of your web page code. (inside the <body> and </body> tags) Or paste it in your text editor (such as Note Pad or Simple Text) and save it for later use (Control-s or Apple-s).

It's that simple! You can add it anywhere you like, inside tables, at the bottom or top of a page... even every page if you like!

Thanks for joining in weaving the web with the word of God!